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How it works


Curious about what sets us apart?

Let's look more closely:

  • First, we swap out the more costly elements, which translates into savings for you.

  • Second, it's all about our innovative music composition technique.

Long story short:

If we don't spend $25,000 on a full-fledged orchestra, you don't get billed for one.

Simple as that.



So, how do we deliver that authentic sound without resorting to full orchestras?

The answer is straightforward: We collaborate with a select group of talented musicians.


 We achieve a stellar sound when we integrate best-in-class software with these skilled artists


Our special approach to composing music allows us to fully tap into the strengths of both the analog and digital worlds.

This leads us to our distinctive approach to composition as we:

Harness the strengths of both worlds.

For instance, we often craft solo segments where specific instruments take the lead, offering a standout performance, complemented by the rich tones of other instruments.

Films speak,
And we listen closely
Discover your film's sound

From simple underscoring to exciting action

Our concept adapts to your film!

Our music molds seamlessly to your film’s narrative, whether subtle background scores or pulsating action tracks.

Our specialty is composing dark music for exciting projects! As your partner in films that cover thriller, drama, horror, and action genres, we enrich your story with the most appropriate music!

We are proud to serve over 80 global clients, enhancing 18 film projects and more in the pipeline. We are eager to elevate your story.


Reach out, and let's give your narrative the distinct musical touch it deserves.

Individuelle Musik für Filme, Serien, TV

Crafted Exclusively. Delivered Passionately.

Your Story. Our Soundtrack.



Every frame you shoot, every emotion you capture, deserves a symphony. And we’re not talking about generic tunes.

We mean music that amplifies, complements, and resonates—crafted uniquely for your film.


Ready to transform your visual masterpiece into an immersive experience?


Let's embark on this musical journey. Together.

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