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Make Your Independent Film Come Alive
With Affordable And Real Music
Starting at $149.
Sound, that makes a difference!
Make your film a blockbuster! With real music.
The path that transforms a good film into a brilliant one

Think of Batman, Inception or Indiana Jones.

You most likely remember one of those main themes because: The melodies played by real musicians bind the audience more strongly into the scenes.

That is precisely why Hollywood directors enhance their films with real music.

Our mission is to give independent filmmakers access to the same musical quality—without breaking the bank.

Ready to take your film to the next level?

Crafting Your Story's  Soundtrack




Chat with our lead composer to discuss your vision and your project's needs.


Receive a tailor-made musical draft that aligns with your scenes.


Share your insights. We'll fine-tune the music until it's pitch-perfect.


Your visuals come alive with our professionally produced music.

Johannes Riedl Komponist
“From a young age into adulthood, it‘s not just looking at the screen that counts for me, but also looking behind the curtain.”
– Johannes "John" Riedl, Composer and Founder of JRM-Studios
Values, that we stand for
Easy and direct communication

Engaging directly with filmmakers shapes our success.

In our free time, we passionately immerse ourselves in the world of cinematography– from recording to editing.

This is our tried and tested method for an in-depth understanding of the diverse processes during film production. It enables us to express ourselves even better in conversations with filmmakers.

Johannes Riedl Heroes
Pünktlich geliefert | JRM-Studios
Brilliant sound 
delivered on time

Deadlines are promises, not suggestions.

Our method? We map the journey before starting, creating a precise timeline to ensure your music arrives when you expect it. Without compromising on quality!

Flexibel – auch während dem Schnitt | JRM-Studios

Our systematically crafted workflows keep us on our toes while always remaining flexible.

So, when last-minute shifts or unexpected edits arise, trust us: we've got the agility to handle it seamlessly.

Precision-driven processes.
Built for change
Your films speak
And we listen closely
Discover your film's sound
Now, why?

Film music means more than just accompanying scenes with suitable music. It means taking advantage of original film music to convey the film's message more powerfully. So why shouldn't we do everything we can to make this affordably available to independent filmmakers?  ​

We invite you to learn more about why we created JRM Studios.

Not convinced yet?

We understand the challenge of determining whether our music suits your project based on just three tracks.


Therefore, we are happy to invite you to send us a selected scene, and we will produce a free score demo!

There is no cost involved. Neither upfront nor afterward. You alone decide whether you wish to continue the collaboration after receiving the demo.


This makes it 100% risk-free.

Also, the handling of your film material will be treated with the utmost confidentiality. We only use your material to create the score demo.

Request your free demo now, and we'll respond within 24 hours.

  • What services are offered by the JRM-Studios team?
    Our service covers the entire range of music production. From conception and composition through professional recording and mixing to final delivery, we ensure you get the best possible result. We are proficient in a variety of styles and genres and are able to adapt to the atmosphere you want. Whether you're looking for a rousing soundtrack, a catchy jingle, or subtle background music, we have the expertise to make the vision a reality.
  • How can JRM-Studios help me?
    Our service is designed to produce the right music for your film projects. From the initial concept to the final delivery, we take care of all the processes involved. This allows you to concentrate on other important tasks.
  • What kind of projects can JRM-Studios help with?
    Our main field is producing individual music for short and feature films in the Thriller, Drama, and Horror genres. Feel free to contact us and tell us about your project! Project categories we have already worked on include trailers, commercials, short films, documentaries, image films and production music.
  • How do we get started?
    Our lead composer, Johannes Riedl, will sit down with you to get a better insight into the project and your vision. (This is also called screening) After the so-called screening, we will work out a first concept. Here, we will pre-produce suitable music and merge it with the scene. Afterward, we will send you the clip for evaluation. Now it's up to you. Are you satisfied with the produced music? Great! If not, we'll talk openly about it and modify the music according to your wishes. After you have seen all the scenes and the music has been approved, we will handle its recording with our first-class musicians. The final step is to mix the music and prepare it for final delivery. Now, we can either send you the mixed stems for your mixing engineer or do the score mixing ourselves.
  • Do I need to have the project ready to go?
    No, not necessarily. A first screening can take place during pre-production. The advantage of this is that there is more time for the creative development of the music. The final step, combining the music with the moving images, is simply done once the project has left the editing phase.
  • What does it cost, and how long will it take?
    We know that time and budget are often crucial factors, so we work in a cost-efficient and structured way to meet your requirements. We mainly base our budget on the size of your project, which allows us to be proactive on smaller projects as well. Our goal is to provide you with a stress-free and smooth experience so you can focus on what's important – perfecting your film. Our streamlined processes mean we can often get initial ideas to you within 2-3 days. However, for larger projects with a recording phase, the delivery time depends on several factors, so we discuss the delivery time with you in advance.
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